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Our Product of the Month..........

Our product of the month (August 2013) has to go USN's Ultralean Diet Whey . A supplement that will aid recovery whilst enhancing weight loss too!

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The most important factor to health and wellness is nutrition. What you put into your body affects the way it looks, feels and performs. Analyzing your diet using a food diary and then following a structured and progressive food plan that is realistic and achievable will help you to lose unwanted weight, whilst significantly improving your health and lifestyle


Trying to improve your health while eating the wrong foods for your goals and individual metabolism is like trying to build a house on sinking sand. Give yourself the best chance of success by building on solid foundations. Chester Personal Training can help you in the following areas:

Weight loss

Muscle growth

Low energy levels

Poor concentration

Skin problems

Digestive problems

Boost immune system

Prevent Chronic Disease

As part of the system your diet will be assessed to discover your optimal nutritional balance. We will harness this information to find the right detox and diet plan to enable you to reach previously unimaginable levels of wellbeing and energy. A good diet is central to overall good health, but do you know the best foods to include in your meals, and those best avoided? We look at the facts, to help you make realistic, informed choices.

We can use Tanita Scales in order to measure a variety of factors including Metabolic Age, Body Fat %, Bone Density, Hydration, Muscle Mass amongst others.




Protein - what is it and where does it come from?

protein-factsOut of the many protein sources out there, whey protein is the ultimate. For example, .It comes from milk. During the process of turning milk into cheese, whey protein is separated out. Protein can be found in a variety of foods - mainly meats, such as fish, beef, and chicken. Dairy products as well as eggs, cottage cheese, soy and vegetable protein also contain good amounts of protein. Nevertheless, none of these sources compare in quality or ease of use like whey protein. Whey protein has the highest value in providing branched chain amino acids which result in building and retaining muscle tissue.


Pre Workout formulas

These special supplements are designed to give you the boost and "pump" you need to hammer out that extra rep. Pre-workout supplements usually contain carbohydrates as the ingredient vehicle and other powerful ingredients like L-Arginine, Beta-Alanine, Caffeine and many others to get the results you need. With these Pre-workout supplements you train with a higher intensity and build bigger, stronger, more vascular muscles. For examples of a pre workout, click


In a nutshell, Creatine is the most popular & effective bodybuilding supplement on the market. Everyone consistently using creatine is making consistent, BIG gains. It is relatively cheap and is almost guaranteed to make a difference. See our online store for an example of a product . So what is Creatine? The human body naturally makes the compound, which is used to supply energy to our muscles. It is produced in the liver, pancreas and kidneys and is transported to the body’s muscles through the blood stream. Once it reaches the muscles it is converted into Phosphocreatine (Creatine Phosphate). This high powered metabolite is used to regenerate the muscles ultimate energy source ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate).

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We have now opened a shop in Saltney, Chester. We stock all major brands including USN, CNP, BSN, Optimum Nutrition, Gaspari and many others. We also provide a number of other services such as fully qualified Nutritionists, Sports Therapy Massage and Holistics and fantastic Level 3 qualified Personal Trainers (male and female) whom will charge the cheapest rates in the UK

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